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Rings over work tableEVO 925 produces jewelry by developing the concept of a modular base element, allowings you to create unique and original objects and a personalized jewelry.

Who we are? The brand power combines the creativity and construction excellence of Italian master craftsmen to offer jewelry with impeccable style and the rigorous high-quality of the "Made in Italy".

Our idea was born from a body of knowledge and values that some italian goldsmiths discovered and cultivated in 30 years of experience.

The design, inspired by the latest fashion trends, allows the expression of a charismatic and recognizable language in which personal style is revealed through each customized jewel.

With extreme attention to detail and unique refined shapes, EVO 925 present a new idea by reshaping the boundaries of everyday luxury jewelry intended not as mere decoration but as an expression of self identity and personality.

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Meet our Team and Services

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much." - Helen Keller
    Daniele Mantuano

    Daniele is a jewelry industry expert with over 30 years experience working in the trade. He loves to revive old motorcycles and transform them in old style scrambler.

    Daniele Mantuano
    Sales Manager
    Gian Luca Camporeale

    Gian Luca has extensive experience in Information Technology, Web Design and 3D Modeling. He likes Web and Social Marketing, Photography and Fitness.

    Gian Luca Camporeale
    Web & 3D Designer
    Gianluca Novello

    Gianluca has 30 years of experience in jewelry creations. Very accurate workmanship and an important source of inspiration. He likes mountain biking and videogames.

    Gianluca Novello
    Jewelry Craftsman
    Luciano Casarotto

    Luciano has many years of experience in high-precision jewelry industry. He is a mad genius of jewelry. He likes sports and quality food.

    Luciano Casarotto
    Jewelry Craftsman

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Create your own custom jewel, choose your shapes, finishes and engravings.

Identity and Personality

Wear your custom jewel that identifies you as a person, be unique, be free.


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